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OHFAMA Calendar of events:

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Upcoming Meetings

(members only)


Past Meetings

October 20, 2022

TIme:  6:00pm

Location:  VIRTUAL

Sponsor:  none

Topic:  MPA Business, officer elections only

CME: none


September 29, 2022

TIme:  6:30pm

Location:  Kettering, OH

Sponsor:  Trice Medical  

Speaker:  Christopher Bromley, DPM

Topic:  Advanced Techniques in Wound Care and Soft Tissue Procedures.

CME: 1 credit approved


July 28, 2022

Location:  Beavercreek, OH

Sponsor:  CDC Medical

Speaker:  Tony Zanni

Topic:  Innovations in Foot and Ankle Surgery

CME: 1 Credit approved

Special Guests:  Mike Mathy, CAE, Executive Director of OHFAMA and Sarah Abshier, DPM, current President of OHFAMA.


March 10, 2022

Location:  Dayton, OH

Sponsor:  Organogenesis

Speaker:  Multiple

Topic:  "Don't Let Your Wounds Stay Stalled"

CME: 1 Credit approved


October 21, 2021

Location:  Dayton, OH

Sponsor:  Dayton Outpatient Center

Speaker:  Priyesh Mehta, DO

Topic:  The Role of DRG Therapy in Podiatry

CME:  1 credit approved

ELECTIONS:  2022 officers; Proposed bylaws changes

September 25, 2021


Virtual event


June 11, 2021

Location:  Easton, OH (@ OHFAMA Annual Seminar)

In-person & Virtual.

CME:  none


April 1, 2021

Location:  Virtual Meeting

Sponsor:  Ossio

Speaker:  Mark Prissel, DPM

Topic:  Bio-integrative Fixation for Natural Bone Healing - The Science and Clinical Experience.

CME:  1 credit OHFAMF approved.

SPECIAL GUEST:  Dr. Kelly Whaley, OHFAMA President.


October 8, 2020

Location:  Virtual Meeting

Sponsor:  Mosher Medical

Speaker:  Mickey Stapp, DPM

Topic:  Patient Protocol and Versatility with Use of Ultrasound in Foot and Ankle Surgery.

CME:  1 credit OHFAMF approved.

ELECTIONS:  Officers and Delegates.


August 27, 2020

Location:  Virtual Meeting

Sponsor:  Innovative Medical Group

Speaker:  Tom Conroy et al

Topic:  Falls Prevention and the Safe Balance Program.

CME:  1 credit, OHFAMF approved.


June 25, 2020

Location:  Virtual Meeting

Sponsor:  Advanced Pathology Solutions

Speaker:  Shawn Hickey

Topic:  Pathology Options for Podiatric Practice

CME:  1 Credit, OHFAMF approved.

Special Guest:  Mike Mathy, OHFAMA Executive Director


March 5, 2020

Location:  Kettering, OH

Sponsor:  Innovative Medical Group

Speaker:  Tom Conroy/Micheal Whitehead,

Daniel Schuleman, DPM

Topics:  DuoDerm Organic Liquid Polymer.  A Novel Approach to Forefoot Reconstruction Using Cortical Bone Pin Allograft.

CME:  1 Credit, OHFAMF approved.


March 23, 2023

TIme:  6:30pm

Location:  Dayton, OH

Sponsor:  stryker

Speaker:  Robert Brarens, DPM

Topic:  Biologics, Lapidus and Other Forefoot Procedures.

CME:  1 credit planned

White Abshier Stevenson Mathy.jpg
Special guests attend MPA meeting:

Pictured below:  MPA President  John Stevenson (second from right) welcomes newest MPA member Jonathan White (left), 2022 OHFAMA President Sarah Abshier (second from left) and OHFAMA Executive Director Mike Mathy (right) to the July 28th meeting.  Dr. Abshier and Mr. Mathy were guest speakers at the meeting and briefed members present on issues past, present and future at the state association.

2023 Officer Elections Results

At the October meeting, MPA elections for 2023 officers and Trustees had the following results:

President:  John Stevenson, DPM

Vice Pres:  Jerry Perelman, DPM

Treasurer:  Lisa Nicely, DPM

Secretary:  Marc Greenberg, DPM

Trustee:  Marc Greenberg, DPM

Alt. Trustee:  Jerry Perelman, DPM

All elected members will begin their terms on Jan. 1, 2023.  Congratulations to these officers and we thank you for your service to the members!

MPA Doctors Volunteer at Homeless Shelters

There are always people less fortunate and in need of help.  St. Vincent DePaul had asked for help with caring for guests at their homeless shelters and MPA has stepped up for the cause.  A special thank you for Dr. Michelle Achor who volunteered October 2022 at the women's shelter and Dr. Marc Greenberg who volunteered December 2022 at the men's shelter.  This volunteer service will be ongoing, so if you are interested in volunteering and would like more information, please reach out to Dr. Greenberg.

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